App Description

HOTSTUFF is a video entertainment mobile app. To change videos, a swipe up action enables the change in the video app to a new video.

It is the goal of the HOTSTUFF app that people of the world, the mobile users on the Internet can view and share videos that are up to 2 minutes in length.

App Screenshot

These are a few screenshots of HOTSTUFF in action.

Brilliant Features

The HOTSTUFF mobile app is designed to be simple and super easy to use so nothing gets in the way of the video entertainment viewing.

Unique Design

The same codebase for iOS and Android users utilizing the wildly popular swipe up on video feature

Flat Design

Simplicity at the core of HOTSTUFF so the app can maximize the entertainment

Easy Settings

Just login and you are ready to watch videos, if you can swipe up on a video, you are ready for the HOTSTUFF mobile app

Regular Updates

A simple yet effective codebase allows for rapid agile development of the HOTSTUFF mobile app

User Friendly

Ease of use of the HOTSTUFF mobile app is the design goal when creating HOTSTUFF

24/7 Support

Internet support via email from the email form on this page.

Description With Video

The following video is a demonstration of how HOTSTUFF works. Notice the swipe up feature action of the video to change video. Videos may be liked or disliked, made favorites, commented on, and shared. Every so many videos an ad will appear, but no worries, an inexpensive monthly subscription can also be purchased to remove any ad from the HOTSTUFF mobile app.

Get In Touch

Email the team over at HOTSTUFF mobile app, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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Working contact form along send mail feature with contact form validation

Philadelphia, PA USA
UltraHot.TV Inc. owner of HOTSTUFF

Stan Switaj CEO/Owner

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